Strategic Issues to be addressed 2018/19

The Strategic issues that APLESA seeks to address for FY 2018/19 are:

  1. Governance;
  2. Capacity building;
  3. Strategic partnership;
  4. Advocacy

Strategic Objectives

To address the above, the following Strategic Objectives will be achieved

Objective 1:           To build capacity for delivery of services to members

Objective 2:           To develop human resource capacity

Objective 3:           To enhance the physical capacity of APLESA

Objective 4:           secure local and international strategic partnerships


Therefore, there was need to come up with strategies to meet the APLESA strategic objectives namely;

  1. To develop and implement a strong financial sustainability framework for APLESA
  2. Optimal utilization of the financial resources
  3. Revise governance structure to facilitate effective management.
  4. Promote accountability and transparency
  5. Promote professionalism and communication among members
  6. Promote continuous professional development
  7. Enhance APLESA Image and the administrative systems for APLESA
  8. Promoting strategic partnerships
  9. Spearhead Awareness activities that promote the achievement of the SDGs


APLESA agreed on a number of activities to be rolled out to enable the Association to achieve its overall objectives. A number of activities were drawn. They are;

  • Carry out financial audits
  • Circulate proposals for a revised and adjusted subscription fees that meet the demands of the Association
  • Compile a Membership register
  • Conduct training workshop on APLESA Strategic Plan
  • Consult all APLESA members on proposed Subscription fees
  • Develop and implement a plan for building a reserve fund.
  • Develop and implement advocacy plan to sensitize Member Parliaments on the role of APLESA
  • Develop and implement mechanism for retention of members
  • Establish and implement a peer exchange programme
  • Establish monitoring and evaluations system
  • Evaluate the training programme
  • Finalize on the APLESA constitution and Policy documents Part II
  • Finalize review of the constitution and policy guidelines
  • Identify and publish relevant conferences for capacity building
  • Identify scholarships for members
  • Implement APLESA Resolutions 2018
  • Implement comprehensive training programmes
  • Implement the Financial policy
  • Institute APLESA liaison Librarians
  • Maintain and rebrand the APLESA Website
  • Map out possible partners
  • Operationalize the secretariat
  • Organize a pre- APLESA conference Workshop on strategic Planning. APLESA
  • Organize regular Annual General Meetings, APLESA conferences, and Executive Committee Meetings
  • Plan benchmarking arrangement for best practices from similar associations for members
  • Plan the Presidential visit to sensitize member parliaments on achievement of SDGs
  • Prepare the Reward & Recognition Awards for former President
  • Procure Equipment and furniture for the Secretariat
  • Rebrand the website and market the association
  • Reward & Recognition Awards
  • Seek for Support on Positioning APLESA to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Set up working committees

Completed Activities

  • Payment of APLESA membership to International Bodies
  • Draw and implement a budget
  • Communicate to Uganda to host APLESA conference 2019
  • Communicate to Zimbabwe to host APLESA conference 2020
  • Circulate Reports of the 18th APLESA conference 2018