CALL FOR PAPERS- for the 19th APLESA Conference, Kampala, UGANDA 6- 10 May 2019

The 19th Annual Conference and Meeting of the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Eastern and Southern Africa (APLESA) organized by the Parliament of Uganda, will be held in Kampala, Uganda, from 6- 10 May 2019.

The APLESA conference Planning Committee invites submissions for papers presentations during the 19th APLESA Conference. The Planning Committee will decide on the deadline dates later. The paper presentations will be derived from the the following theme and sub themes;


Taking Parliaments to the People: the Role of Parliament Libraries in Bridging the Gap between the People and Parliament


  1. Relevance of Parliamentary Libraries in the digital age
  2. ICT as a factor to the provision of knowledge and information in the Parliament Libraries in Africa.
  3. Specialized parliamentary activities in support of bridging gap between parliaments and the people (Parliament Week, County Library services, Media Libraries, etc.)
  4. Access to knowledge in parliaments
  5. Parliament Libraries as Gateways to information, knowledge and research
  6. Innovations and challenges in the provision of access to and acquisition & management of legal and legislative libraries
  7. Parliamentary Library designs
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