Planned Activities

Ongoing Activities to meet APLESA Objectives

  • Carry out financial audits: Ongoing
  • Compile a Membership register: Ongoing
  • Develop and implement a plan for building a reserve fund.
  • Develop and implement advocacy plan to sensitize Member Parliaments on the role of APLESA
  • Develop and implement mechanism for retention of members
  • Establish and implement a peer exchange programmes
  • Establish monitoring and evaluations system
  • Evaluate the training programmes
  • Identify and publish relevant conferences for capacity building
  • Identify scholarships for members
  • Implement APLESA Resolutions 2019
  • Implement comprehensive training programmes
  • Institute APLESA liaison Librarians
  • Map out possible partners
  • Operationalize the Secretariat
  • Organize a pre- APLESA conference Workshop on strategic Planning. APLESA
  • Organize regular Annual General Meetings, APLESA conferences, and Executive Committee Meetings
  • Plan benchmarking arrangement for best practices from similar associations for members
  • Plan the Presidential visit to APLESA Secretariat: Ongoing
  • Prepare the Reward & Recognition Awards for former President: Planned
  • Procure Equipment and furniture for the Secretariat
  • Seek for Support on Positioning APLESA to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Set up working committees: Planned

Completed Activities

  • Payment of APLESA membership to International Bodies
  • Draw and implement a budget
  • Communicate to Zimbabwe to host APLESA conference 2023
  • Communicate to Mozambique to host APLESA conference 2024
  • Revised subscription fees that meet the demands of the Association have been completed
  • The five APLESA Strategic Plan developed
  • APLESA constitution 2019 implemented
  • Implementation of the Financial policy as in Schedule III of the APLESA Constitution 2019 
  • APLESA Website rebranded