APLESA Membership

To become member of APLESA one needs to fall under the following categorization;

a) APLESA Member Parliaments of the region.  

b) Associate membership for other Parliaments other than those in the APLESA region.

c) Observer status may be accorded to libraries of legislatures on the invitation of the  APLESA Executive Committee. 

The eligible member countries are those within the region, the East African Community  and those in the Horn of Africa including among others; Djibouti, Eritrea. In addition, the islands  of Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Reunion are also eligible.  

Current National Parliaments that are Members 

1. Angola 

2. Botswana 

3. eSwatini 

4. Kenya 

5. Malawi 

6. Mozambique 

7. Namibia 

8. Seychelles 

9. South Africa 

10. Tanzania 

11. Uganda 

12. Zambia 

13. Zimbabwe 

Current Regional Parliaments that are Members 

1. East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) 


Provincial, Districts Councils and County Assemblies 

1. Kenya County Assembly 

2. South African Provincial Councils 

3. Uganda District Councils 

4. Other State Assemblies, Councils, etc 

Regional Parliaments and Assemblies 

2. East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) 

3. Pan African Parliament PAP) 

1SADC is abbreviation for Southern Africa Development Cooperation.

National Parliaments 

1. Angola  

2. Botswana,  

3. Burundi 

4. Democratic Republic of Congo Parliament of the (DRC). 5. Djibouti,  

6. Eritrea,  

7. eSwatini,  

8. Ethiopia,  

9. Kenya,  

10. Lesotho,  

11. Madagascar  

12. Malawi,  

13. Mauritius,  

14. Mozambique.  

15. Namibia,  

16. Reunion 

17. Rwanda 

18. Seychelles 

19. Somalia 

20. South Africa,  

21. South Sudan 

22. Tanzania,  

23. Uganda,  

24. Zambia, 

25. Zimbabwe,  

Observer Parliaments 

Open to any parliament which wishes to be on observer status.