Strategic Plan

Strategic Issues to be addressed 2018/19

The Strategic issues that APLESA seeks to address for FY 2018/19 are:

  1. Governance;
  2. Capacity building;
  3. Strategic partnership;
  4. Advocacy

Strategic Objectives

To address the above, the following Strategic Objectives will be achieved ;

Objective 1:           To build capacity for delivery of services to members

Objective 2:           To develop human resource capacity

Objective 3:           To enhance the physical capacity of APLESA

Objective 4:           secure local and international strategic partnerships


Therefore, there was need to come up with strategies to meet the APLESA strategic objectives namely;

  1. To develop and implement a strong financial sustainability framework for APLESA
  2. Optimal utilization of the financial resources
  3. Revise governance structure to facilitate effective management.
  4. Promote accountability and transparency
  5. Promote professionalism and communication among members
  6. Promote continuous professional development
  7. Enhance APLESA Image and the administrative systems for APLESA
  8. Promoting strategic partnerships
  9. Spearhead Awareness activities that promote the achievement of the SDGs