Planned Activities for the year 2023/2024

1.Paper presentations
The association has established two categories of Paper presentations as indicated below.
a) The first category to be papers presented by the APLESA Member’s parliamentary staff(librarians or researchers).
b) The second category to be papers presented the Professionals identified by the APLESA conference host parliaments.
The Secretary General and the President through the APLESA Secretariat ensure the
implementation of this plan.

2.APLESA Web Presence
The secretariat plansto improve on the APLESA web presence. The Website Domain fees shall be paid, the Systems Admin Honorarium paid and the APLESA Website Rebranded and running.

3.APLESA engagement with other international organizations
In order for APLESA to be represented in other international organizations, the Secretariat plans to ensure that SCECSAL, AfLIA and IFLA membership fees are duly paid.

4.APLESA Training Workshop
As part of its Continuous Professional Development for its members, APLESA is planning to conduct one training workshop. The responsibility to develop the course outline and content is vested upon the APLESA President and Ms Marceline Chikomo of Zimbabwe Parliament.

5.The Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meetings have always been held during APLESA conferences and sometimes during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC). It is planned that in addition to these, the EXCOM holds quarterly meetings on online meeting platforms such as Zoom. The agenda shall be agreed upon between the Secretary General and the President and members shall be informed of the meeting and the Agenda at least 7 days before such a meeting.

6.APLESA Communications Strategy

Fine tuning the APLESA Communications Strategy needs to be carried out having been presented during the 20th APLESA conference in Zimbabwe. This strategy, a brain child of the APLESA President has to be fine-tuned and be ready by the end of the APLESA Financial year. This responsivity is assigned to Ms. Irene Kiruri who will work closely with the President on this matter.

7.Designing APLESA Work Plans and Procedures

A number of work plans and procedures are needed for the proper management of the APLESA affairs. The following are being prepared; The Work plan 2023, Guidelines for hosting APLESA conferences and other Procedures. A committee of three were nominated to spearhead this process. They are Ms Irene Kiruri, Ms Moreblessing Charungwa and a volunteer Ms Pearl Lowani.

8.Hosting of the APLESA Conference and Meetings 2024

APLESA holds its annual conferences in turns among member parliaments. Its Mozambique which has been identified to take up the task. Notification has already been sent to the Mozambican authorities and the Secretariat is waiting for the Mozambican hosting Acceptance notice so that the annual conference could be held in May 2024.

9.APLESA Constitutional Review

During the 20th APLESA conference, some constitutional challenges were identified which needed rectification. The matter was referred to the Constitution Subcommittee for review. The Subcommittee members are made of Mr. Wilson Nkambule and Mr. Innocent Rugambwa who may co-opt any other members for the purpose.

10.APLESA Presidential Supervisory Visits

The APLESA President is expected to supervise activities of the association and therefore has to travel to the Secretariat and/ or the site where the APLESA conference shall take place. The pre-site visit and the visit to Secretariat are always funded by the member parliament from where the President works. APLESA plans to cater for a few items on his or her arrival to the Secretariat.

11.Preparation of Hand Over Reports by Officer Bearers at the End of Their Terms of Office

All former office bearers on the Board are expected to prepare detailed hand over reports at the end of their tenure. This is to ensure smooth operations of APLESA when new Committee Members come on board.

12.Professional Awards and Recognition

APLESA recognises its leaders who have served and have handed over their office to the next set of leaders. Plans to make plaques have been done and the set of leaders to be recognised have been identified. These include; Princess Esther Nxumalo of eSwatini who served as a member of the Executive Committee as Vice President from 2000 to 2009 and Ms Laurenciana Bule of Mozambique who served in the board as member of the Executive Committee from 2013 to 2015.