Executive Committee

New APLESA Executive Committee elected into office for a two year period 2019- 2021

  1. Ms Chama Mpundu Mfula        President (Zambia)
  2. Mr. Sengo Figueiredo                Vice President (Mozambique)
  3. Mr. Simon Joseph Engitu           Secretary General (Uganda)
  4. Ms.  Pisira Zodi                           Committee Member (Zimbabwe)
  5. Mr. Nkambule Wilson                Committee Member  (eSwatini)
  6. Ms.  Pearl Lowani                       Committee Member (Botswana)
  7. Mr.  Bayunga Andrew                Treasurer(Uganda)

Key roles of the APLESA Executive Committee

  1. Actively participate in the APLESA executive committee and annual general meetings
  2. Site visits to host parliament for the APLESA annual conferences
  3. Liaising with other library associations e.g. the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and other related professional bodies and Coordination with member parliamentary libraries.
  4. Carrying out administrative functions of the association, including undertaking such additional duties as may be necessary for driving the agenda and mandate of the association among others.